[newbie][code] DG Scripts install

From: Dalamar (Dalamar@inetnow.net)
Date: 11/22/99

Is it just me or is Dg Scripts real unstable? After added it to a few
versions of code, I get tons of small error, and some memory leaks. The
Errors dont bother me to much, I can commit a line or two and "fix" them
(anyone know a real fix? I feel like by just commiting it out, I lose a
feature of the scripts). The Memory leak is killing me, every time OLC is
used to make a new Item/mob and then try and load that new Item/mob it
starts to eat up memory. Now I use MSVC++ 6.0, and run it on a NT Server,
would that have any effect on this?

I have 5 builders, and we started with basic bpl15 code with OLC, after
showing them DG_scripts we all agreed it would be good to have, and since
then have been trying to get a stable version of it. IF anyone has a stable
version of Dg Scripts, in almost any Version of Circle, I wouldnt mind at
least looking over parts of the code. This is really starting to fustrate
me. Any Tips are greatly welcomed.


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