Re: [newbie][code] DG Scripts install

From: Dalamar (
Date: 11/23/99

No fixes, fresh Circle30bpl15, Fresh DG_scripts 7a. No code change at all
(at first I was commeting out the lines that caused the "hit" error, and
Object in_room error but I tried fresh as well). After compiling, I run,
created an Object, and when I goto save it locks up and begains to eat
memory, I at first thought it was MSVC++, so I then tried the same with
Cygwin with the same results, now I think it might just be NT? dont know,
really at a loss here.


Just a short question, you mentioned earlier about small fixes...what where
these fixes..what lines.  I'm thinking that this can't be reproduced (I
tried on fresh source just now) because of these small "fixes".  Show us
what lines your fixing...and/or what lines are having problems...that may
lead to our answer.

Baktor Silvanti

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