Re: [newbie][code] DG Scripts install

From: Baktor Silvanti (
Date: 11/23/99

Just a short question, you mentioned earlier about small fixes...what where
these fixes..what lines.  I'm thinking that this can't be reproduced (I
tried on fresh source just now) because of these small "fixes".  Show us
what lines your fixing...and/or what lines are having problems...that may
lead to our answer.

Baktor Silvanti

> <<I'm completely unable to duplicate anything like this. I'm not using NT
> (nor windows), however.>>
> Well I was hoping it was a MSVC++ thing, so I went and downloaded the
> Cygwin32 thingy, unziped a new copy of Circle, patched in DG Scripts.
> Telneted in, made a new object, and when I went to save, the game locked
> and the Memeory started to add up (rather fast). Not sure where to go from
> here... I have thought about useing Linux, but I know almost nothing about
> it other then just some playing around in free time, Anyone have any
> suggestions?
> ~Jason

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