Re: Porting from Win to Linux

From: Daniel A. Koepke (
Date: 11/26/99

On Fri, 26 Nov 1999, Razor wrote:

>     I'm porting a lightly modified circlemud30bpl14 from my MSVC++ 4.1
> to Red Hat Linux release 5.2 (Apollo) with Kernel 2.0.36 on an i686.
> I have a little problem. I hope that you can help me. When I try to run
> "make", I got a strange error. This is a little snip from comm.c:

Run ./configure.  It's right in circlemud30bpl14/.  If you've made changes
to your Makefile without altering (i.e., added files, etc.),
you need to modify to take account for these changes before
you run ./configure.  After that, any time you make need to change your
Makefile, you should modify and then run ./config.status from
the same directory you run ./configure -- this will regenerate conf.h and
Makefile from and according to the current
configuration status.

Also, Microsoft had to be weird about line-endings in files, so every line
in a file ends with CRLF (\r\n) under Windows and DOS.  This means any
file you edited and saved under Windows probably has had \r\n inserted as
the end-of-line marker.  UNIX and Linux use just \n.  This could be a
problem for you.  There are easy ways to recursively fix things like
this.  'sed' and 'tr' are more general purpose tools that can help, but
you probably also have a program 'dos2unix' or similar that can handle it
for you.  If you need more information, check your man pages and the
archives (a search for "dos2unix" or "tr" or "sed" should be


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