Re: Porting from Win to Linux

From: Benjamin Draper (
Date: 11/26/99

Razor wrote:
> "make", I got a strange error. This is a little snip from comm.c:
> #include "conf.h"
> #include "sysdep.h"          /* line 14*/
> In file included from comm.c:14:
> sysdep.h:293: #error Who are we?      /*error*/

  The first important thing you have to remember is that Linux doesn't
like all those ^M's that Windows adds to the end of lines, you have to
remove them. There are a number of ways to do it, but I use a little
program called 'tounix' which I can send you if you like, otherwise try:

    tr -d "\015" <dosfile> linuxfile

 Secondly you must make sure you've run 'configure' when you're set up
in Linux, the instructions for doing this came with CircleMUD. The
reason I say that, is because the that came with stock is no
good for linux, which might be the cause of your '#error Who are we?'

If you're still having problems, send me a line and I'll see if I can

-> Ben

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