Bug Tracking Software

From: Zeavon Calatin (zeavon@kilnar.com)
Date: 12/20/99

General software engineering problem, but it applies here because I'm
looking for something to keep track of bugs, requests and coding projects
for my coding team. Thus far it's just been me coding and I haven't needed
any form of tracking or organization. With three of us coding now, I want to
keep things straight.

Enough rambling....

What do you guys use for keeping track of bugs, requests and proejcts? Must
run on Linux and have either a web interface (preferred) or a console
interface (bleh). Don't care if it uses PHP, PERL, MySQL, XML/XSL, etc... I
can handle them all...


Zeavon Calatin, Spear of Insanity
http://spear.kilnar.com/    telnet://spear.kilnar.com:1066

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