Re: Bug Tracking Software

From: Angus Mezick (
Date: 12/21/99

At PhoenixMUD we have gotten very luck.  We have an imm who runs a Lotus
Note DB site.  He has some ftp scripts that nightly get the bug/idea/typo
files, parses them, and inserts them into a database that allows us to set
the status of an item (available/assigned/resolved/rejected/moron) and
set who is responsible for the item.  Is a great system, especially because
Notes has a web interface.  You don't need that god aweful client.  The
best solution I could think of would be perl parsing into MySQL with a web
front end.   I don't know if this exists though.

Zeavon Calatin wrote:
> General software engineering problem, but it applies here because I'm
> looking for something to keep track of bugs, requests and coding projects
> for my coding team. Thus far it's just been me coding and I haven't needed
> any form of tracking or organization. With three of us coding now, I want
> to
> keep things straight.
> Enough rambling....
> What do you guys use for keeping track of bugs, requests and proejcts? Must
> run on Linux and have either a web interface (preferred) or a console
> interface (bleh). Don't care if it uses PHP, PERL, MySQL, XML/XSL, etc... I
> can handle them all...
> Thanks!
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