Re: suggested parentheses around assignment used as truthvalue

From: Angus Mezick (
Date: 12/21/99

Michael, If someone sent you this in the mail could you help them?
probably not.  I know my crystal of far seeing is in the shop getting
mounted on a nice staff so I can't use that.  How about some code and
reading the circle mail list faq that will inform you on the proper
format of a request for help.

some people, sheesh.

Just an idea to make mounts useful/NEEDED in a mud.  Create a new
room flag ROOM_TRAVEL that will charge a player 5x movement points
if they aren't mounted.  That should slow them down pretty fast.

Michael Gallagher wrote:
> I have about 5 of these warnings when i compile in linux. I thought
> i knew what the problem was, that some if statement was missing
> a set of brackets (), but i can't seem to fix the little buggers.
> Am i wrong? Any help would be appreciated :)
> Thanx
> Michael Gallagher (Subliminal)
> -Star Trek: Fleets MUD-
> 5678


For every crash there is a reason.
Regrettably, "Cosmic Rays" qualifies as a reason.

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