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From: Shawn Daniel (
Date: 12/21/99

That presents a little problem.  You have to have the TCP/IP protocol setup
for dial in.  Your machine has to assign an ip address to the incoming
caller and then they can telnet into your machine.  It would be MUCH easier
to do it over the internet.  You dial to your isp, he/she dials to his/hers
and them you can do a "winipcfg" to get your ip address and the person can
telnet to that address at your MUD port.

If you really want to setup the dial into your computer directly....I can
layout an exact procedure for you, but on Win98, I don't know how easy it
will be.

Sure you don't want to use Win NT 4.0 Workstation or Linux?

  -= Jakken =-
   Dragon Keep

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>     I am running circle30bpl11 and I have it running well on win98
> platform..  I used msvc++ to make it happen and I have even
> been able to
> write my own code, add levels, etc.  That part didn't even
> take a month
> (self taught with help from the ftp site).  But does anyone
> know how to
> dial into my own computer from another.  i have tried to from outside
> sources but i just can't make it work.  Any advice would be
> appreciated!
> Khoal
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