Re: Anybody ever seen a "warm reboot"

From: Chris Gilbert (
Date: 12/23/99

Jeffrey Margolis wrote:
> I believe you are referring to Erwin Andearson's "hot reboot",  I believe you
> can find this on ceramic mouse, or follow the link to the creators website,
> which is located on ceramic mouse.

A nice extension you might want to do is pickup on the segv signal and
do this kind of reboot and saving only rent files (nothing else as it
all carries a risk)  I should probably put up a patch for that.
Probably helps with the rent duplication bug.  Works a treat though,
other than you end up with huge log files (Plan to rewrite the logging
system though)  At present the last full shutdown reboot was on dec 16th
and it's still logging into syslog (1MB at the moment).

The players certainly like it though, saves them renting and getting
below our 35 item limit, or loosing equip in a crash (especially
relevant if you manage to make your mud crash every 10-15 mins (as I did
for a while, but back up to days on end now ;)).


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