Re: MUD Sound Protocol.

From: Daniel A. Koepke (
Date: 12/23/99

On Wed, 22 Dec 1999, Peter Ajamian wrote:

> MSP (Mud Sound Protocol) is not a patch or code per-se, it's a
> protocol, you can find out more about MSP at the following URL...

And, FWIW, not a very good protocol.  First, since it's plain, lower ASCII
text, it's very easy for players to cause sounds to be played on another
person's computer.  You could strip out !! in some way, possibly doubling
and squashing them much like $ is handled, but this becomes a case of
having to support odd extensions for certain clients that interfere with
the optimal operation of others; you shouldn't have to do this in the
first place.  A better sequence would have been \n!\r!(...) which can't be
spoofed by input.

Second, it's undersupported, with real support only from ZMud.  For those
that say it's not really the fault of the protocol, but the clients,
consider that a good protocol/standard often garners support.  There's a
good reason people are staying away from it.

Finally, MUDs need a complete protocol on which to communicate so that we
can get beyond the simplistic interfaces prevelant today.  The protocol
would be designed to support everything from fully graphical Muds to the
standard issue text game.  A silly sound protocol just doesn't attract the
kind of interest (since its really just a novelty in ALL of the games that
we see MSP used in) a more thorough protocol does.  One which, coupled
with a good API, would let Mud creator's focus on content rather than low
level mechanics of the server, a goal which is very much in line with
Circle's own.  I don't think widespread adoption of MSP would help move
towards a more complete protocol.


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