Re: MUD Sound Protocol.

From: George Greer (
Date: 12/23/99

On Thu, 23 Dec 1999, Alex wrote:

>> >A better sequence would have been \n!\r!(...) which can't be spoofed by
>> >input.
>> It's still spoofable in notes and such.
>>   Hi
>>   !(...)
>> That's "Hi\r\n!(...)" to the client.
>And dak's was '\n!\r!(...)'.  Note the *two* '!' marks in there.  Don't
>feel bad, I missed it the first time.

Oops, yes, I apologize.  I don't know anything that could make that
sequence, although wouldn't it break telnet specs if used on a
non-accepting client? \n preceded by a \r, I mean.

>However, the entire design of the protocol is weak, regardless.  Last I
>checked, you had to define a hard path to the sound in question, rather
>than a 'class' of sound (or whatever), which immediately cuts out some
>machines.  Ick.

Yes, I noticed that in the lines I've seen.

"c:\music\beep.wav" isn't very portable I'd say.[1]

Having the sound types like you'll find under the Windows Control Panel for
Sounds would work much better than filenames.

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1. Although under Linux I'd just make a file called c:\\music\\beep.wav :)

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