From: Jeffrey Margolis (
Date: 12/23/99

Quick answer... If you must patch by hand, make use of one of the little
known features of visual c++, as you can select text horizontally using the
shift key, in visual c++ you can select text verticly using the alt key.
Using this method you can get rid of all those darn "+" signs all in one
Have fun

"Happy Y2K: May your computer explode most extravagantly"

In a message dated 12/23/1999 3:40:40 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

> ok im using win95 and compiling using msvc++5.0 the little adding i dont
>  mind its the files that you need to make with the 2000line code that takes
>  for ever to backspace D-arrow R-arrow over and over =(

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