Re: OLC i hope the final one

From: Daniel A. Koepke (
Date: 12/23/99

On Thu, 23 Dec 1999, Manafort wrote:

> To get rid of the + signs the alt trick worked nicly thank you and no you
> can do replace it takes hours since there are + in the code you dont wanna
> hurt

That's why you'd specify to only remove ones that begin a line, as I said
in the first place (please read more carefully).  There are no lines that
begin with "+ " in CircleMUD to my knowledge, and,

    % grep -n "^+ " *.[ch]

concurs.  So, as I said, do a Search and Replace.  If MSVC's IDE doesn't
support regular expressions (it'd be just like Microsoft to not include
something so useful for developers), I'm almost certain there's a checkbox
somewhere in there that says, "Match pattern only at beginning of line."
Check it, type in "+ " as your pattern, replace it with "" and...

Wow, Daniel, that's magic!
Nope, that's not magic, that's common sense.
Common sense, Daniel?
Yep, now in Beet Red, Crimson, and refreshing "Blue" flavor.

-dak : Please excuse the sarcasm; I went shopping today.

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