Poof in/poof out saving

From: Damian Jurzysta (interact@hem.passagen.se)
Date: 12/26/99

I have tried all snippets I could find on poof-saving without any luck. I even
tried writing it all myself from scratch, still it didn't work. however, while
doing so I found this is structs.h (stock-code):

 Specials needed only by PCs, not NPCs.  Space for this structure is
 * not allocated in memory for NPCs, but it is for PCs and the portion
 * of it labelled 'saved' is saved in the playerfile.  This structure can
 * be changed freely; beware, though, that changing the contents of
 * player_special_data_saved will corrupt the playerfile.
struct player_special_data {
   struct player_special_data_saved saved;

   char    *poofin;        /* Description on arrival of a god.     */
   char    *poofout;        /* Description upon a god's exit.       */
   struct alias_data *aliases;    /* Character's aliases            */
   long last_tell;        /* idnum of last tell from        */
   void *last_olc_targ;        /* olc control                */
   int last_olc_mode;        /* olc control                */

shouldnt this mean that poofin and poofouts are saved in the stock-code? if so,
why is it not working?

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