Re: MUD Sound Protocol.

From: Jeremy Davis (
Date: 12/26/99

Lag can be overcome by divying the load.  What about if you store all sounds
on another server (such as geocities, etc) and point the sound server to
download the sounds from that location instead of your server.  Inefficient
I know, but a good base.  Not only that, but maybe you can ask the author
(or you could write this yourself) to cache the sounds in a directory on the
local computer and to search that dir before it gets the sound off the
Who knows.

Just an idea.


> I'm replying at this point about the whole MUD sound situation.  I'm glad
> we all agree that it's ridiculous--at least MSP is.  In an old proto-MUD I
> have, we have streaming mp3 sound, wherein a sound server boots and the
> player has a mudAMP (yeah, yeah) client called "Casper" which interfaces
> FreeAMP.  If you don't have the file, the server sends it your way.
> The only reason I'll never use the code is that I really don't need people
> to be able to consciously increase the traffic from my server, and lag me
> out.

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