Adding new classes

From: James Cress (
Date: 12/26/99

The Gear I'm Using : circle30bpl11, MSVC++ 4.2
What I Tried To Do: Add a Paladin Class
The First Problem: Came up with 5 errors, missing things, items were
wrong etc.
What I Did: Able to fix two errors but there are still three more.

Here is the EXACT msg that I now have:

C:\circle30bpl11\src>nmake -c
        c\ -c /nologo /I. /I\MSDEV\INCLUDE class.c
class.c (232) : error C2059 : syntax error : '{'
class.c (236) : error C2059 : syntax error : '}'
class.c (953) : error C2059 : syntax error : ';'
NMAKE : U1077 'cl' : return code 'Ox2'

Errors 232, and 236 are pertaining to the THAC0 that I inputted for the
new class but I was unable to see where I made my error.
Error 953 points to the very last line where the titles are kept.
Anyone who may be able to point out my mistake...please help!


BTW : Is only 3 errors remaining on my first attemp to add classes
good?  or bad?

BTW#2 : How can I write my opening screen so that it justifies to the
screen and not to the browser that it was wrote in?  It happens with all
of my text screens, ie wizlist, title page, credits, you name it!  I am
a wee bit bent over this one!

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