Re: Repeating prompts in zMUD and bpl16,client or severproblem?was Re: Login?

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 12/29/99

Chris Gilbert wrote:

> I believe that it's Zmud (and other clients, I think another is
> rapscalion or some mac client) that don't do the correct thing with the
> telnet codes (actually they don't actually do very much of the telnet
> protocol from what I've heard from other places) sent to turn echo on
> and off.  I never noticed till someone pointed out to me that zmud
> messes up.  I use tf which works fine.  It was something added in bpl
> 16, as George said just reverse the patch on echo_on.

Both zMUD and Rapscillion are very popular MUD clients, and considering
that I wouldn't want to make the majority of players on a MUD have to
switch clients in order to make it work right, I think it would be more
prudent to revert the applicable changes to bpl16.

As an idea for bpl17 how about making the echo_on() and echo_off()
changes optional by selectively compiling based on a #define (btw I
would recommend disabling it by default)?

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