Re: Repeating prompts in zMUD

From: J P (
Date: 12/29/99

> It's possible that it's an error in WinSock, but I doubt it.  You might
> want to search if Microsoft has anything about supporting the TELNET
> protocol in its API.  More likely, Zuggsoft either used example Microsoft
> code or misread the same RFC as Microsoft.  IOW, I don't think there's a
> library of functions specifically for TELNET option parsing -- if it is
> broken Microsoft code, it's probably something someone sent along to the
> Knowledge Base or similar that ended up in a bunch of programs that no-one
> double checked for compliance.

You doubt theres an error in winsock?heh
you dont know MS too well do yah?
> > PS. When I get dsl you wont be making fun of me ;)
> Nope.  Then we'll all be busy doing portscans on your machine.

maybe ill jsut keep my ports closed =P


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