Re: Windows Socket (Circle repeating prompts)

From: Chris Gilbert (
Date: 01/01/00

J P wrote:
> Well guys Im sorry to drag this discussion out even further but ive been
> doing some digging (and asking m ap teacher alot of questions) and ive come
> to this conculsion:
> its not the programmers end (zMUD for example) but rather it seems to be the
> way windows 98 SE handels TCP requests.

An interesting twist to this is that the old method is broken, IE tf
doesn't see the extra options (I think it just ignores it):

By what name do you wish to be known? kris
sent nlh: IAC WILL NAWS
recv nlh: IAC WILL ECHO
sent nlh: IAC DO ECHO
recv nlh: IAC WONT ECHO
sent nlh: IAC DONT ECHO

with the new bit turned on tf doesn't have a clue about what's been
sent, but just ignores it:

By what name do you wish to be known? kris
sent local2: IAC WILL NAWS
recv local2: IAC WILL ECHO
sent local2: IAC DO ECHO
recv local2: IAC WONT ECHO
sent local2: IAC DONT ECHO
recv local2: IAC WONT 13
recv local2: IAC WONT 10

for ppl wanting to see this you want to do:
/set emulation=debug
/set telopt=on

Checking on what an lpc mud does, it doesn't try to do the naocrd or
naoffd.  I think it also does proper negotiation, and you don't see the
What is your name: root
sent (unnamed4): IAC WILL NAWS
recv (unnamed4): IAC WILL ECHO
sent (unnamed4): IAC DO ECHO
recv (unnamed4): IAC WONT ECHO
sent (unnamed4): IAC DONT ECHO
recv (unnamed4): IAC WONT ECHO


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