License Violation

From: Warren Robbins (
Date: 01/01/00

I ran across a post at MUD connector I figure I'd post because it might
let people know what can happen in this situation.

Quoting "Izlude <>" --
I'd like you all to go to Mudgik, port 8000, and try to
type in a command. The game will inform you that to play, you must click
on a sponsor on their web page to be able to type anything but quit. It
also says you can "register" to avoid this problm, registration being 60
bucks a year. This mud is a circle derivative and I have read over the
license and I think that they are using the mud to make money, which is
expressly prohibited in the license? Can anyone tell me what if anything I
can do to stop this practice?


End Quote.

Anyway, I posted that it was a violation of the University's copyright (as
found in the source files) and the licenses, and that there are possible
legal repercussions.

I didn't post this only to Jeremy because I thought the thread might be
continued regarding how the situation would be handled.

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