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From: Joel L. Windham (
Date: 01/01/00


> >From my time online, I tracked down the e-mail addresses of Sylvian and
> Mek, who are apparently the administrators of the game.  Sylvian, oddly
> enough, is from Australia (or, at least, has an e-mail box in Australia).
> He's  Mek, who I couldn't find an actual e-mail
> address for, might read, which was the only e-mail contact
> I could find on their web site.

FWIW, Sylvian's email address is bouncing.

I played around on this MUD for awhile...most of the time was spent in a state
of cyberlimbo due to high lag that appeared to be coming only from the MUD
server because the ping times on the traceroute to the MUD server was under
300ms for everything except the server, which was never under 4500ms in the
three traceroutes that I did.

The MUD itself appears to use stock CircleMUD with the credits disabled and a
few new things added, like an ASCII compass showing where the exits are.

The board system looks exactly like stock CircleMUD.

Channel names have been changed.  Gossip is now called Roleplay.  Gratz didn't
seem to work for me, as nobody seemed to use it or reply to anything I said over

The layout of the main city you start in even has the exact layout as stock
Midgaard, minus a few rooms and of cource, with different room names.

Just my two bytes,
Joel L. Windham
CEO, Sprytech Information Systems

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