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From: Sammy (
Date: 01/02/00

From: Daniel A. Koepke <>
Sent: Sunday, January 02, 2000 12:05 AM

> Mudgik is owned and operated by Goldenline, Ltd. of Gibraltar.  They are
> using CircleMUD to some extent -- at least the help files, most likely the
> code as well.  They do not have the credits as required by the DikuMUD or
> CircleMUD licenses.  I could not get in contact with any sufficiently
> knowledgeable or powerful immortal online.  From their "Premium Membership
> Page",

How about a not-so-powerful ex-imm who debugged some of their obviously circle
code?  I was a guest imm for maybe 2 visits (where I realized they had ripped
their credits) after helping them with some coding problems.  I had also been
discussing letting them test a new patch I was working on since they were
running pl11 at the time which was what I was also working on.

> From my time online, I tracked down the e-mail addresses of Sylvian and
> Mek, who are apparently the administrators of the game.  Sylvian, oddly
> enough, is from Australia (or, at least, has an e-mail box in Australia).
> He's  Mek, who I couldn't find an actual e-mail
> address for, might read, which was the only e-mail contact
> I could find on their web site.

Rondu is the coder.  I don't recall a Sylvian, but that was quite a while ago.
I believe I've received mail both from and a foreign domain
which may have been  I'll have to dig a little deep in my email
archives to know for sure.

>     * Contact Sylvian and Mek.  Attempt to talk to them and convince them
>       to obey with the license.  Be nice, but make it clear that this is
>       a serious matter and we will pursue it.

Unless Mek's had a change of heart, that's a dead end.  He'd be using my code
right now if he didn't value his cash more than the license.

More info to come as I find it, probably including Mek's real full name.


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