Re: License Violation

From: George Greer (
Date: 01/02/00

On Sat, 1 Jan 2000, Joel L. Windham wrote:

>The MUD itself appears to use stock CircleMUD with the credits disabled and a
>few new things added, like an ASCII compass showing where the exits are.
>The board system looks exactly like stock CircleMUD.

What does 'version' say?

If they've changed it, play around with known bugs in CircleMUD versions to
see what version it probably is.

For instance: bpl15 fixed a bug where to steal an object, the owner has to
be able to see it. (Hard to test, but you could get two people and an
invisible object I suppose.)

bpl14 would crash on 'version' but they've probably fixed it.

bpl15 also added:

-- gg - shop.c: 'buy 3' now possible and doesn't break 'buy 5 3',
        'buy 5 #3', or 'buy #3'.

So if they don't have that feature, it's probably pre-bpl15.

Changelog is your friend.

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