Re: License Violation

From: George Greer (
Date: 01/01/00

On Sat, 1 Jan 2000, Brandon Brown wrote:

>I personally always thought that it was more of a moral decision to follow
>the license.  I've been told that there is nothing that the CircleMUD
>community can do to a violating MUD - though this may be totally wrong.

It's a breach of copyright law.  It's just a matter of sending the lawyers
after them.

>Being a programmer myself, I tend to understand what others go through -
>especially with license problems.  I understand the work that Jeremy and the
>rest of the Circle and Diku communities have put in, and I respect that -
>therefore, I follow the license agreement, making sure to leave his name on
>the login prompt, the help circlemud command in tact, etc.  Unfortunetely, as
>shown in the case of Mudgik, we all know that people don't always share

Since more than just Jeremy have code in CircleMUD, anyone with a
non-trivial amount is free to sue them independent of Jeremy's actions. So
the person who wrote the shop code could, or myself, or even Rick Glover
because he sent in so many code changes for bug reports.

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