Re: License Violation

From: Joel L. Windham (
Date: 01/02/00

I sent a simple email to Ronald Duo asking if he knew anything about what was
going on.  This is his reply.

*snipped out the headers, etc*

Joel L. Windham
CEO, Sprytech Information Systems

> I have to inform you that i no longer have anything to do with 'Mudgik' or
> the server it runs on as i sold this server about a year ago to a company
> called Goldenline Ltd.  I am not aware of any of their recent actions
> concerning 'Mudgik' and certainly do not make myself responsible for any of
> their dealings.
> I suggest you take civil action against them if you feel so strongly about
> your case.  Otherwise it is of my oppinion that your claim will fall short
> of their ears as just another 'player prank'.
> I hope this has served to clear matters up as far as my involvement with
> Mudgik goes.
> Your Truly,
> Ronald Duo

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