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From: Sammy (
Date: 01/02/00

To follow up, Mek's name is Ronald Duo.  Mudgik Started up circa November
1996.  I've found email dating as recently as December 1998 where I helped him
with a circlemud problem (adding more than 32k rooms).  Here's the most
informative message I've discovered:

Date: Tue, 7 Oct 1997 09:28:02 -0500 (EST)
From: Sammy <>
To: Ronald Duo <>
Subject: Re: **** Mudgik The gathering ****

On Fri, 3 Oct 1997, Ronald Duo wrote:

> Hello sam,
> I am sorry to bother you.
> I don't know if you remember me, i am the person running 'Mudgik the
> gathering of heroes' mud?
> Well i needed some help on the following points, and i think you can help me
> because they are simple enough.
> I am trying to compile 'Circlemud' under win95.
> I have Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0
> I followed the steps and converted the fie into makefile and
> turned the config file.
> I also changed the makefile to include:
> and
> As the header files are in c:\Program Files\DevStudio\Vc\include
> Did i get this right?
> I first tried to use nmake by going to the 'Devstudio\vc\bin' directory and
> typing 'nmake c:\circ\mud\src\makefile' (Where the makefile of circlemud is)
> But i got a fatal error which said,
> 'fatal error U1073: Dont know how to make 'comm.c'
> Stop.
> I then tried to move the nmake.exe file to c:\circ\mud\src\makefile' (Where
> the makefile of circlemud is) and when i tried nmake it said,
> cl -c/nologo/I. /I\ program files\devstudio\vc\include COMM.C
> NMAKE fatal error U1081: 'cl' :program not found
> stop.
> I don't really know whats wrong.  Could you tell me the procedure to produce
> an .exe file on win95 with MSVC++5.0?(step by step please)
> What am i doing wrong?
> The other problem is a small one, i am just asking you in case you know what
> it is.
> My mud reboots on its own(Like it crashes but it starts back up again on its
> own) Like every three days.  These reboots are not caused by players because
> i already checked.  Do you know what it could be?
> Lastly, Is there a solution to Oasis OLC crashing when you start a new zone?

I don't think I've got any actual code from his mud, but I'm still looking.


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