Re: Just another dumb newbie question

From: Chris Gilbert (
Date: 01/03/00

Zeavon Calatin wrote:
> > I was just wondering how i could make it possable to have more zones then
> > the standard 326 any help would be appreciated.
> You need to bump vnums for mobiles, objects, rooms and shops from an int to
> a long. This will force you to convert/erase your playerfile. You will also
> need to make sure that every function that touches the vnums of those things
> have their code converted from int to long as well or else you'll end up
> with problems.

Depends what patch level, more recent patche levels use short int for
the type (max number of 2^15 = 32768)  and typedef the vnums and rnums
to this, search structs.h for obj_vnum and the typedef for it.  This
does mean that you might get a few odd things happening with editors and
snippets that expect a short int (and a max zone of 326) (not sure
though as I've not done it)


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