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Date: 01/03/00

The CircleMUD code was not broken. It did not fail to work in any
way. All clients worked with the each circlemud version until now.
(maybe there was a reason it was designed that way years ago??)

Noone has proven that the clients are broken. (It could be winsock)
Has anyone researched and pulled apart any of these clients?

There are mixed views on what is broken or not broken.
Myself and others have asked that there be a solution to provide both
"working" versions and allow the coder to decide until the "real" problem
is solved. When the older version is wiped from the server, and we
all start seeing these messages come across from newbies as to why
users are getting these same problems, don't get pissed that we tried
to come up with a solution to prevent it.

I agree that the code should be the way it is. I disagree that it should
be held stead fast and the old (so called broken) code not be included
for the coder to decide which to use.

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On Mon, 3 Jan 2000, Daniel Staudt wrote:

The telnet protocol has specifications regarding how it is to properly
work. Both CircleMUD and many MUD clients did not comply, which meant
they were both 'bugged' because they did not operate how they were
supposed to.

CircleMUD has corrected the error, which exposes the error in zMUD.
CircleMUD does not have a bug, zMUD and other clients do.

By maintaining its stance, CircleMUD will force client coders to fix their

_Absolutely NOTHING_ stops a MUD operator from re-breaking his/her MUD if
he/she chooses.

But the decision to remain working correctly has been made, and isn't

Doesn't that sort of exhaust this thread?

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