Re: OLC+ Problem - rlink

From: Michael Gallagher (
Date: 01/08/00

what version of olc have you got?

i don't know the code your talking about but it would be easy to
make that cmd yourself.

extern struct room_data *world;
int direction;
room_rnum room;

two_arguments(argument, buf, buf2);

if (!buf || !buf2 || !isdigit(buf2)) {
   send_to_char("You need a direction and a room vnum!\r\n", ch);
if (!(str_cmp("north", buf))) {
   direction = NORTH;
if (!(str_cmp("south", buf))) {
   direction = SOUTH;
..........(and so on and so forth)....

room = real_room(atoi(buf2));
world[ch->in_room].dir_option[direction]->to_room = room;
send_to_char(OK, ch);

Thats off the top of my head. So don't hold me to that code. Thats
the way you should do it tho. You might want to have more checks
like "if ((room = real_room(atoi(buf2))) == NULL)". Or something

Michael Gallagher
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