Re: PLR Flag Maximum

From: Michael Gallagher (
Date: 01/08/00

piece of advice. put some spare char[50]'s into the
player_special_data_saved (the place where the spare int's are).

I've done 3 pfile wipes in the last 2 weeks, the builders are really
getting pissed.

And you might think of adding in another password for players
that are LVL_GOD+. Some fucker hacked into my account and wiped
a few builders. I know exactly who it is. I stupidly didn't change
my password when i became an implementor, well i did but only with
some symbols (which i realise now, don't encrypt).
And of course another implementor had my password from the mud
i played on and decided to have to fun with a rival mud.
But i've added in another password now :). I'd put the code online
but it is a security feature.

Good Luck with your mud.
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