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Date: 01/10/00

On Mon, 10 Jan 2000, Ron Hensley wrote:

> One other big problem with IP Address based systems is the prevalent use of
> Reflectors and Proxy servers now.
> I had a user on my IRC server I wanted off badly. No matter what ip address
> we'd ban, he'd back back in a matter of seconds, from a different ip
> address. Seems there's thousands upon thousands of freely usable proxy
> gateways that let you reflect/bounce through them to your ultimate
> destination, thus hiding your true ip address.

The problem is not gateways and proxies, but the fact that most people out
there are on dynamic IP dialup which means that they hang up their modem
and reconnect and they have a good chance of getting a new IP address.
This is especially true for customers of large ISPs like AOL, MSN,
Mindspring, etc.

Then you add in the fact that IPs can be spoofed....

PS: Learn to quote!

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