Hmm, a general question...

From: Rich Allen (
Date: 01/10/00

        How hard would it be to code in a system that limits a player to having
only one character on the system at a time?  Not just online, but on the MUD
period.  I suppose you could keep a list of e-mail addresses, and require an
e-mail address as part of the character creation.  (Maybe send the initial
character password to that e-mail address to prevent bogus addresses being
used.)  But this doesn't get around individuals that have more than one
e-mail address.  Is there a better way?
        I'm asking this because of some issues that have come up on the MUD where I
have an IMM character.  A lot of nasty "roleplaying" has been done using OOC
knowledge that just wouldn't have come up if the players didn't have five to
ten characters each on the MUD.


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