Re: Hmm, a general question...

From: Mike Bentley (
Date: 01/10/00

On Mon, 10 Jan 2000, Ron Hensley wrote:

> The one thing that comes to mind thats potentially viable is to write a
> small application that the user has to run on their own computer which
> sends over the name and password they were assigned.
> If done in Visual Basic or Visual C, you could also pluck the Windows
> Computer name and perhaps Windows CD OEM number from their registry and
> send it along.
> So the user has to be running this small client application when they
> connect to your mud. When they connect, you code the mud to connect back
> to them on the port your APP is supposed to be running on. If it can't
> connect, you display some sort of banner informing them that it has to be
> running and where to get a copy.
> If its running, you get back the name, pass, computer name, OEM and you
> compare that to some database you maintain. If some hoser tries to create
> a second account with a different name and password, your code would see
> that his/her computer name and windows CD OEM is already associated with
> some other account, and you dont let them in.

        Thats an interesting thought, but what about people that aren't
gettign to the mud from a Windows machine?  I know whenever I mud I telnet
in from a Unix machine.  So therefore I wouldn't be able on this mud from
a Unix machine because I wouldn't beable to run this client?  Just a

Mike Bentley

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