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From: Ron Hensley (
Date: 01/10/00

One other big problem with IP Address based systems is the prevalent use of
Reflectors and Proxy servers now.
I had a user on my IRC server I wanted off badly. No matter what ip address
we'd ban, he'd back back in a matter of seconds, from a different ip
address. Seems there's thousands upon thousands of freely usable proxy
gateways that let you reflect/bounce through them to your ultimate
destination, thus hiding your true ip address.

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> Rich Allen wrote:
> >
> >         How hard would it be to code in a system that limits a player to
> > only one character on the system at a time?  Not just online, but on the
> > period.  I suppose you could keep a list of e-mail addresses, and
require an
> > e-mail address as part of the character creation.  (Maybe send the
> > character password to that e-mail address to prevent bogus addresses
> > used.)  But this doesn't get around individuals that have more than one
> > e-mail address.  Is there a better way?
> The above combined with checking IP addresses or host names.  Because of
> dynamic IPs you cannot rely on a player having the same IP every time
> they log in, but you can assume (with relative consistency) that no two
> players will be able to log in from the same IP at the same time.  By
> checking every logged in IP whenever someone logs in under a new one you
> can determine if that player is already in the game as a different
> character.
> A couple thigs to note, this is not foolproof, there are ways around it
> and there are some occasions where two people may log in from the same
> network under the same IP (IP masqurading), I would set up a list of
> exceptions for this.  it also still leaves open the possibility that
> someone can get two characters in at once by bouncing one through a
> server somewhere, but I doubt that a whole lot of MUDders know how to do
> that.
> By preventing players from logging in two characters at once like this
> you can prevent them from being able to pass off equipment or money to
> their alts, hence it would at least require the cooperation of another
> player to artificially advance an alt (with money or eq).
> Nothing is foolproof, but this at least get's somewhere in the vicinity
> without putting too much of a burden on the player.
> A note on the email part, make sure to make your tests case insensitive
> or you will end up with people on AOL creating one character with the
> address and another with, another
> with, etc (the AOL and many other email servers are
> not case sensitive so this would work if your email checks are case
> sensitive).
> Regards, Peter
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