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From: Ron Hensley (
Date: 01/10/00

The one thing that comes to mind thats potentially viable is to write a
small application that the user has to run on their own computer which
sends over the name and password they were assigned.

If done in Visual Basic or Visual C, you could also pluck the Windows
Computer name and perhaps Windows CD OEM number from their registry and
send it along.

So the user has to be running this small client application when they
connect to your mud. When they connect, you code the mud to connect back
to them on the port your APP is supposed to be running on. If it can't
connect, you display some sort of banner informing them that it has to be
running and where to get a copy.

If its running, you get back the name, pass, computer name, OEM and you
compare that to some database you maintain. If some hoser tries to create
a second account with a different name and password, your code would see
that his/her computer name and windows CD OEM is already associated with
some other account, and you dont let them in.

One other, simpler, yet less effective way, is login registration, where
you email the person the password for their character. If they lie about
their email address, well they will never get the password. If that email
address is already associated with a character, you dont let them make a
new one and display some error about one at a time.

Of course these days people tend to have many email addresses so its not

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On Mon, 10 Jan 2000, Dan Argent wrote:

> issue everyone with one time passwords, and a biometrics scanner.
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> Subject: [CIRCLE] Hmm, a general question...
> >         How hard would it be to code in a system that limits a player to
> having
> > only one character on the system at a time?  Not just online, but on the
> > period.  I suppose you could keep a list of e-mail addresses, and require
> an
> > e-mail address as part of the character creation.  (Maybe send the initial
> > character password to that e-mail address to prevent bogus addresses being
> > used.)  But this doesn't get around individuals that have more than one
> > e-mail address.  Is there a better way?
> >         I'm asking this because of some issues that have come up on the
> MUD where I
> > have an IMM character.  A lot of nasty "roleplaying" has been done using
> > knowledge that just wouldn't have come up if the players didn't have five
> to
> > ten characters each on the MUD.
> >
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