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From: Rich Allen (
Date: 01/10/00

        OK, so basically I can use a smart e-mail address database and the rest is
up to the honesty of the player (yeah, right) and the diligence of the IMMs.
<sigh>  I'm not so much interested in the multi-playing aspect, although I'd
be rid of that if I could restrict players to one character in the
        What I'm trying to curtail is something like: Log in with my Orc character,
find out there's a huge creature normally not hostile to Orcs that's very
badly hurt.  Log-off and then log in with my Barbarian monster killer and go
straight for the easy kill.  If there's a better way to handle this other
than restricting players to one character, I'd love to hear the ideas!


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> On Mon, 10 Jan 2000, Peter Ajamian wrote:
> >A couple thigs to note, this is not foolproof, there are ways around it
> >and there are some occasions where two people may log in from the same
> >network under the same IP (IP masqurading), I would set up a list of
> >exceptions for this.  it also still leaves open the possibility that
> >someone can get two characters in at once by bouncing one through a
> >server somewhere, but I doubt that a whole lot of MUDders know how to do
> >that.
> Or any University type machine with 'telnet' on it that multiple
> people may
> log in from.
> On the other side, I have about 7 different shell accounts at Miami
> University.  Most people there don't, but they all have at least 2.
> >By preventing players from logging in two characters at once like this
> >you can prevent them from being able to pass off equipment or money to
> >their alts, hence it would at least require the cooperation of another
> >player to artificially advance an alt (with money or eq).
> They can just drop stuff on the floor, log off, log back in.
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