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From: Ron Hensley (
Date: 01/10/00

No proxies are worse. One can block a subnet of address in one command to
block one particular ISP Modem Pool a user is no. Just try to block a user
whos using proxies.... trust me... youll have 10,000 ip blocks up in a few
hours and be no closer to stopping him/her

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> On Mon, 10 Jan 2000, Ron Hensley wrote:
> > One other big problem with IP Address based systems is the prevalent use
> > Reflectors and Proxy servers now.
> > I had a user on my IRC server I wanted off badly. No matter what ip
> > we'd ban, he'd back back in a matter of seconds, from a different ip
> > address. Seems there's thousands upon thousands of freely usable proxy
> > gateways that let you reflect/bounce through them to your ultimate
> > destination, thus hiding your true ip address.
> The problem is not gateways and proxies, but the fact that most people out
> there are on dynamic IP dialup which means that they hang up their modem
> and reconnect and they have a good chance of getting a new IP address.
> This is especially true for customers of large ISPs like AOL, MSN,
> Mindspring, etc.
> Then you add in the fact that IPs can be spoofed....
> PS: Learn to quote!
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