Re: Hmm, a general question...

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 01/10/00

Rich Allen wrote:
>         OK, so basically I can use a smart e-mail address database and the rest is
> up to the honesty of the player (yeah, right) and the diligence of the IMMs.
> <sigh>  I'm not so much interested in the multi-playing aspect, although I'd
> be rid of that if I could restrict players to one character in the
> beginning.
>         What I'm trying to curtail is something like: Log in with my Orc character,
> find out there's a huge creature normally not hostile to Orcs that's very
> badly hurt.  Log-off and then log in with my Barbarian monster killer and go
> straight for the easy kill.  If there's a better way to handle this other
> than restricting players to one character, I'd love to hear the ideas!

Here's another idea.  If you just want to be able to monitor players
alts, then set up email verification but don't limit one per email.
That way players have no apparent reason to fudge it, and you will at
least be able to cross reference the emails to find out who's who.

Regards, Peter

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