Bpl 16 Num of Mob Attacks

From: Ray Campbell (deadeye00@home.com)
Date: 01/11/00

Hmmm, well, was just searching through the code for a while (fight.c)
because players were questioning the reason why mobs didn't hit them
back when they fought them.  I thought this was very odd seeming that I
haven't attacked the perform_violence routine at all.  So I looked at it
and noticed this comment:
(approx. line 975 in stock bpl16 code.)

/* have to implement a better way for number of attacks for mobs*/
num_of_attacks += ((int) GET_LEVEL(ch) / 10) - 1;

and I realized something, now if a person is fighting a mob that is
level 10 or below, the mob does not hit the player.  This doesn't make
much sense to me, in fact it doesn't make ANY.  Why would you not want a
player to be able to get hit at all in a fight?  Anyhow, I find this
quite disturbing, and what I really want to know is why was this
implemented this way, and was it put in there as a quick solution
without really testing it, or is it more or less an "adjust at your own
will" type deal.  I'm just utterly confused by the matter, and was
wondering if anyone else had some input on the subject.

Oh yes, and this:

    /* reset to 1 attack */
    num_of_attacks = 1;
comes a little before that previous code, but still if a mob is level 10
or below the -1 makes it so that it has 0 attacks.  Absurd, just absurd.
Any input boys and gals?

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