Re: Bpl 16 Num of Mob Attacks

From: Julian Buckley (
Date: 01/11/00


> Hmmm, well, was just searching through the code for a while (fight.c)
> because players were questioning the reason why mobs didn't hit them
> back when they fought them.  I thought this was very odd seeming that I
> haven't attacked the perform_violence routine at all.  So I looked at it
> and noticed this comment:
> (approx. line 975 in stock bpl16 code.)
> /* have to implement a better way for number of attacks for mobs*/
> num_of_attacks += ((int) GET_LEVEL(ch) / 10) - 1;

You sure that's "stock bpl16 code"?  Never seen it before, myself.

If it's heading off 0 attacks for < level 10's, then you'll simply have to
add a line perhaps like:
if (GET_LEVEL(victim) <= 10)

or something.  What you have appears to be Del Minturn's snippet (I think?),
possibly modified.


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