[bpl16][oedit crash]

From: Ray Campbell (deadeye00@home.com)
Date: 01/11/00

Well I decided to check out the new OLC that was installed on the mud
I'm working on and tried to make a new object.. Behold when I went to
save the new object the mud crashd.  I recorded the GDB output and it is
as follows:

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0x807f044 in adjust_objects (refpt=17) at genobj.c:144
144         for (i = 0; SHOP_PRODUCT(shop, i) != NOTHING; i++)

The code is bpl16 w/Oasis 2.0 and DgScripts1.7a which was released a
while back on the Ceramic Mouse I believe. Not much else has been added
to the code I've been told, and certainly nothing to do with OLC.
exerpt of genobj.c
   * Renumber shop produce.
  for (shop = 0; shop <= top_shop - top_shop_offset; shop++)
--> line 144 -->    for (i = 0; SHOP_PRODUCT(shop, i) != NOTHING; i++)
      SHOP_PRODUCT(shop, i) += (SHOP_PRODUCT(shop, i) >= refpt);

  return refpt;
I just can't figure out what the renumbering of shop produce has to do
with saving in oedit? Or am I missing the point.  If theres any other
information anyone needs to possibly point me in the right direction of
a solution then please mail me off the list.
Thanks in advance,

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