[NEWBIE]The four seasons and the time of day

From: John Bowman (nsari@geocities.com)
Date: 01/12/00

        I've been reading the posts on the dynamic room descriptions and I thought
of an idea (an extraordinary occurance in and of itself).  Anyhoo, I was
wonder if
it would be difficult to code something where you have a separate
description for
the time of day (dawn day dusk night) and depending on when you enter that
the description changes in accordance with the time.  Maybe even have it so
it changes dependant on the season also, so in effect you could have up to
different descriptions for 1 room!  Granted your builders would most likely
scream unspeakable things to you and curse your very existance, but the
would be interesting.  Actually, if your room (i.e. inside of a house)
doesnt really
respond to a time/seasonal change then you could just reuse the other descs.
I was
just wonder if someone had done this or knew of a few good starting places
something like this.

John Bowman

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