Re: [NEWBIE]The four seasons and the time of day

From: Rich Allen (
Date: 01/12/00

> > I was wondering if it would be difficult to code something where you
> > have a separate description for the time of day

        This would take quite a bit of code modification I think.  Maybe it would
be easier, and safer (less chance of bugs), to add a check just after the
room description is displayed, looking for the outdoors flag (and other
similar flags) and then add a day/seasonal message to the end of the room
description if the flags are correct.  You could even have the new routine
base the message on the exact type of room, field, road, forest, etc.
Depends on the room flags you use.  This makes for a lot of identical
messages, but it _does_ give you the time of day and seasonal descriptions.
Just make sure the main description doesn't have any potentially
contradictory info in it.  <smile>

Just a thought.
Rich Allen

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