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From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 01/13/00

Jerry Billings wrote:
> In a message dated 1/13/00 6:09:41 PM Pacific Standard Time,
> writes:
> << Look in structs.h if you are using bpl16. >>

...or bpl15

> i'm using bpl 14

The autoeq patch available on the FTP site was written for bpl14 so it
should be able to patch cleanly into a stock bpl14 CircleMUD (although I
have never tested it myself so I can't be absolutely ceartain).  If it
does not patch in cleanly then it is probably because you have patched
or otherwise modified the source so that it is not stock to begin with
(not unusual), another possibility is that you didn't run the patch
correctly (patch < filename.patch works in most cases but some require
that you add a ceartain switch such as -p1), read the directions that
came with the patch, usually they will tell you the correct command to
use, also make sure the patch file is in the src directory (unless the
directions state otherwise).

Another thing is that you should not try to run the same patch on the
same source twice in a row, if it fails once and you want to try again
revert the source back to what it was before you patched before trying
to patch again.

If all this fails then you have two options, one is to patch the whole
thing by hand and the other is to run the patch and look at the reject
files to figure out what you have to fix (most will recommend the
former, but for the sake of laziness I prefer the latter ;).

A not about errors, don't get daunted just because you see a lot of
errors, it is often the case that just a single misplaced comma or
semicolon (or any other character) can cause a cascading effect where
you will see many compiler errors result.  Just start with the first
error and fix one at a time re-compiling between each to see if it fixed
the rest.

Regards, Peter

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