Re: NEWBIE: hunger, thirst, fatigue

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 01/13/00

Sliver wrote:
> Look at the code for setting it off in act.wizard.c
> then edit interpreter.c, where the players login, and add a check for
> something like:
> if(GET_THIRST(d->character) > 0)
>    GET_THIRST(d->character) = -1;

It takes more CPU cycles and more memory taken up by unnecessary code to
check the value of GET_THIRST(d->character) then it does to simply
assign it every time, better than the above would be to simply do...

GET_THIRST(d->character) = -1;

No check is necessary as it does not do any harm to assign -1 to it when
it is already -1.

Regards, Peter

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