Re: Player positions

From: Zeavon Calatin (
Date: 01/14/00

> I added POS_MEDITATE To my MUD it kept crashing because the
> mobfiles store
> POS_STANDING as 8 adding POS_MEDITATE made standing
> had to go through EVERY .mob file and change any 8 8 (default
> and starting
> POS)  I did this by hand in Windows so I can't tell you how
> to do it for
> your OS.

It's best to do thngs in the following order:

Add in the code to convert your data
Compile and reboot mud
Add in the code that will take advantage of the new data.
Compile mud, but don't reboot yet!!!
Run the routine that converts the data.
Save everything.
Reboot the mud.

So long as your conversion was coded properly (test it on a test port
first!) your mud will work wonderfully. I do it all the time with
mob/obj/wld/zon/shp data.

PS: I hate how Outlook formats quotes... Grr....

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