Player positions

From: Ron Martin (
Date: 01/14/00

Hi all.

I would like to add a player position called POS_MEDITATING.  I looked
at the positions in struct.h and was about to add POS_MEDITATING right
after POS_RESTING...

#define POS_RESTING     5
#define POS_MEDITATING  6   /* <------ My new position, obviously */
#define POS_SITTING     7

..then I thought to myself, "Will this screw anything up?"  I looked
through the code and didn't really SEE anything, but if someone out
there has some words of wisdom or some caveats or even a different idea,
I would appreciate it.

The purpose of this new position is to allow the users of any magic to
ragain mana somewhat quickly, while hp and move gain is slow.  Just to
let you know.


Ron Martin

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