Re: Player positions

From: Ron Martin (
Date: 01/15/00

Wow.  I didn't anticipate such a response!!

It looks like I have 2 options:

1) Adding the proposed #define statement, thus altering my states,
requiring the update to all my MOBS as suggested by Daniel Koepke via a
sed command.

2) Adding an affection flag or a player flag, so the player's position
would be POS_RESTING, but a AFF_IS_MEDITATING flag is set, denoting that
the player is meditating.

Both would require some recoding.  I am planning to redo all my mobiles
anyway, so I may go with option 1.  Option 2 seems like a 'quick hack',
but could be a necessary evil if you really needed the flag without a
lot of mobile fixing.  The tough part would be the recoding to
accomodate the new flag.

I'm beginning to just ramble now, and in need of much sleep.  I mainly
wanted to write and say thanks to everyone who replied.


Ron Martin

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