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Date: 01/18/00

On Tue, 18 Jan 2000, Daniel A. Koepke wrote:

>On Mon, 17 Jan 2000, George Greer wrote:
>> When is empty.
>It'd help if some of the things that aren't really bug reports, are no
>longer relevant, or just flat aren't true were removed... :)

Well, I meant just /code/ but the others would be nice.

>  * 'docs' - clean it out, maybe take the special procedure section
>    for coding.doc?

Assuming we could write documentation, sure. :)

>So what's that leave left?  A half-dozen or so things to look into?

I thought you had an account in the system, contact me with a name/password
and I'll get you one created.

>Of course, you can create just as many problems with asynchronous signals
>and non-reentrant functions as you can with threads and non-reentrant
>functions.  Maybe assuring atomic operations is easy with "fake" threads,
>though, since you have much more fine-grained control over the "threads".

Correct.  You're guaranteed that it won't context switch until you hit a
blocking function (system) call.

>> And splitting the network accepting to a separate process to prevent
>> crashing problems with disconnect.
>I'm not sure what you mean.

Your connection manager system where you connect to a hub and it connects
to the MUD so if the MUD drops you're still connected somewhere.

>> Perhaps also splitting the world out so it doesn't need to reboot in
>> case of a game crash.  Databases such as SQL would give that for free.
>Nod.  I've been thinking quite heavily along the lines of external
>databases.  I'm not sure if even MySQL, fastest of the fast, is exactly
>ideal, but at the same time, neither are flat text files or writing our
>own database code for tiny gains in processing speed.  Of course, the big
>problem is people who don't have SQL access in most situations, such as
>Windows users.  I suspect most UNIX-based Mud provider services have MySQL
>already running for its users or are willing to run it for their users.

I'm sure we could design it as an optional thing without significant

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